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• In order to continue to service all of our guests to the best of our ability, we ask for your full  cooperation in assuring that the necessary requests are met and followed thru accordingly.


• Please do not move furniture around the home. If chairs, sofa, futons must be moved to accommodate your guests, just make sure everything is back in place prior to departing the cabin.


• Beds, Pool Table, Televisions, DVDs, Direct TV Boxes, Internet Equipment must not be moved unplugged or relocated from its proper position at any time.


• Please take all bedding linen, sheets, comforters and towels to the laundry area in the home and place in front of the washing machine before checking out.


• Please place any dirty dishes, utensils, glasses, cups in the dishwasher and leave on with the dishwashing tabs or liquid.


• Please place all trash in garbage bags and throw ALL garbage inside the bins in the designated garbage area by the garage.


• Please do not make any long distance phone calls on any house phone. These are provided as a courtesy for any emergency use if necessary.


• Please do not leave children outside unattended. We remind you we are in a mountain with wildlife that can attack children at any time. Also for their safety, please supervise children at all times to avoid any child from falling off the deck area or getting  hurt  outside.


• Please make sure to clean the grill after each use. The grease pan must be completely emptied and cleaned in order to reuse the grill again and avoid the risk of a fire. Please make sure to turn off fire pit if used and DO NOT PLACE ON ANY PART OF THE DECK AREA.

Thank you and enjoy your stay

Carolina Mountain view Cabins greatly appreciate your stay.